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Knee Pain

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Call (602) 338-9251 Dr. Gary L. Wagoner knee pain doctor for treatment pain relief in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Wagoner has been helping patients overcome knee pain for many years with great results without risky and painful surgery.

Amongst other health problems, knee pain is also one of the worst cases that need serious attention. If not documented on time, it can have longer lasting impressions. Knee pain can occur due to many reasons such as previous injuries, weak muscles, over-weightage, or certain exercises.

The disease is not limited to a particular age community. It can happen to anybody, youngsters or the older generation. Thus, if you are dealing with symptoms like swelling or stiffness in the knee, pain while moving, redness, or crunching noises, you should immediately consult a nearby therapist.

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Don’t risk it thinking it might be normal knee pain. The worst-case scenario can be knee surgery, and that’s quite painful. Even if you had knee surgery before, you can still develop pain in the knee. But have no worries. We are here with you every step of the way.

We offer many different treatment options including pain medication, physical therapy and massage. We have immediate same day appointments for you. And we are open 6 days a week with morning, afternoon and evening appointments available. On top of that we accept all insurances. We agree to receive Medical liens as well.

Call today for your immediate appointment and get rid of aching pain right away.


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