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Frozen Shoulder

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Call (602) 338-9251 Dr. Gary L. Wagoner frozen shoulder pain relief in Phoenix. We can treat frozen shoulder pain right away without risky surgery. You can have full range of motion and dramatic pain reduction in minutes with no down-time. Dr. Gary L. Wagoner is one of the very few chiropractors in Phoenix certified in manipulation under anesthesia MUA. Treatment for shoulder pain and stiffness with MUA is a time-tested method with the use of over 50 years.

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We offer pain medication and manual therapy for frozen shoulders. We accept medical insurance and car insurance as well. We even work with medical liens. We are with you in those unpleasant times with our pain to wellness motive we will prepare you for a healthier future.

Frozen shoulder pain can be a lot worse if not treated in time. It can even take upto a year or two, if the situation goes downhill and nothing works in the initial stages. If you are having frozen shoulder symptoms such as continuous pain and stiffness which makes the movement of your shoulder very limited call our office today for an immediate appointment.


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